Locker Facilities

Safe Deposit Lockers

For the safety of your valuables, our locker facility offers a safe, trustworthy space to store them. There is a nominal annual rent (payable in advance), which depends upon the size of the locker and the centre at which the branch is located.

  • The Bank's Safe Deposit (Locker) Service is made available to those customers who maintain a Savings/Current Account (individually or jointly). However, Lockers are not leased out to minors. Lockers can be leased out to Blind person also.
  • Locker facility is provided by the Bank at its select branches.
  • Allotment of lockers is on first-come-first served basis.
  • At the time of hiring the locker, bank will obtain a minimum security deposit in the form of FDR from the lessee which will be decided by the bank from time to time. The locker will be operated during the specified timing displayed at the branches
Nomination for Safety Locker

  • The facility of appointment of a nominee for receiving the contents after the death of lessee is also available.
  • In the case of a sole hirer of a locker, nomination shall be made in favour of only one individual.
  • Where the locker is hired by two or more individuals jointly, the nomination is to be made by such hirer in favour of one or more persons.
  • Where the locker is hired in the name of a minor, the nomination shall be made by a person lawfully entitled to act on behalf of the minor.
  • Cancellation of nomination can be made by the sole hirer or joint hirers of the locker, as the case may be.
Branches Where Locker Facilities Available
  • Branch1
  • Branch2
  • Branch3
Locker Rent

Size of Locker Service Charge
(Annual Rent For Customer & Staff)
Service Charge
(Deposit Amount)
6”x5”x18” 800 Rs + Service Tax
(Rent will be charged per year in March Month)
20000 Rs
12”x5”x18” 1700 Rs + Service Tax
(Rent will be charged per year in March Month)
40000 Rs
12”x10”x18” 3500 Rs + Service Tax
(Rent will be charged per year in March Month)
80000 Rs